A story from Istanbul to Baltimore

Fulliaa is a modern take on everyday jewelry inspired by both modern and oriental Istanbul city life, made of fresh water pearls, natural stones, clay materials and gold-plated findings. The entire collection consists of 100% handmade works. In particular of clay, each piece is made entirely using self-taught techniques. Thus, cannot be replicated exactly. My designs are sophisticated, elegant and minimalist. I’m a child of Mediterranean, warm and happy. The designs reflect the Mediterranean way of life; timeless, delicate, vibrant, harmonious and always joyful. Today, Fulliaa has taken American twist and put the harmony of varieties of the nation in designs. In Fulliaa, I want to bring extra shine to my beautiful customers. I want to help them believe in themselves and have confidence in everything they do. My customers will reflect beautiful, strong, independent, glamorous and passionate women in each collection that I make. I want to put a sparkle on their inner beauty. My aim to satisfy my customers by offering best quality products and personalized customer service.